In today’s fast-paced, competitive and unpredictable world, children are under immense mental stress and psycho-social pressures may it be at home, in schools and society at large. Parents and teachers have lots of expectations from their next generation. Today’s children are expected to become high performers and all-rounders. Though parents, carers and teachers often fail to realise that they too have a critical role in nurturing and grooming these children so that they can grow up to have a purposeful and successful life ahead.

We, as psychologists, coaches and therapists always come across children and adolescents who are unable to cope with the stress and anxiety caused due to the high expectations from family, peer pressures, the unempathetic attitude of teachers, unhealthy competitions in schools etc. Sadly, this is the norm of today’s modern era. However, parents, carers and teachers also need to be mindful that children are fragile and require the much needed moral support, emotional help, valuable guidance, constant attention and assistance to help them overcome the stresses and anxieties of the modern age to grow up as confident and resilient adults ready for the challenges of the modern era. Hence, we felt that there is a need to support parents and teachers to help them on this journey.     

We offer various online programmes to help parents, teachers and carers know how to deal with a child’s mental and emotional problems. These online resources include webinars, programmes, interactive sessions, live lessons, blogs etc. which provides useful information to parents and teachers on how they can enable the children to recognise their potentials and achieve their goals. 

The objective of the online programmes and training courses is to offer and support parents and teachers respectively with seamless and practical approaches for nurturing children’s physical, mental, intellectual, psychosocial and emotional development so that they grow up as proficient, resilient and good human beings.

We are with you on this journey towards ultimate wellbeing.